Penang Part Two


The infinity pool at my hotel…lush!

Welcome to Penang Part Two!

The rain stopped, so I headed off to the Botanical Gardens. I managed to grab an Uber up there, there is a public bus you can take from Georgetown, but it only comes once every 45-60 minutes, and as the Uber only cost me around £1.50 I didn’t mind! It was around a 25 minute journey to the Gardens.

The first part of the Gardens was fairly standard, trees and shrubs..but walking further in is where it started to get more interesting….

First up, I encountered some monkeys scampering around..


Then I came across the lily pad pond, complete with turtles, who scampered too fast for me to snap them!


The Monet moment in Malaysia

And then I came to the top section of the park….Jurassic Park!! Only with less dinosaurs (I did see a massive monitor lizard, it’s close enough!)

I couldn’t help myself from humming the theme tune to Jurassic Park from this point onwards..

It even had a waterfall like the one that is ultimately (spoiler alert, although if you haven’t seen Jurassic Park stop reading now and go watch it!) the downfall of Dennis whilst he is trying to steal the embryos in the storm.


I hope no frilly neck dinosaur comes to squirt poison in my eyes…


I then made my way back round and down the hill, and came across the formal Gardens towards the exit.

I went back to the hotel, where I arrived just in time for ‘cocktail hour’ in the lounge by the pool…where I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and some crudités! Very civilised!

Dinner was slightly less civilised..I made my way off to a hawker centre called Red was an experience not to be forgotten!

The whole place was decked out in flashing neon signs trying to entice you to the many varied stalls around, with a lot of different music, and the stall holders calling out to try and get you to them.

After making a lap of the place, I decided on dim sum. Again, here you find a table, note the number and order from the stalls, who will then deliver and take payment. I had four types of dim sum, sweet corn dumplings, vegetable gyoza, fish cheeks in a soy glaze and a tofu and bean sprout cake. All were lovely, but the dumplings were my favourite.


Yum yum dim sum!

After dinner, I went back to my hotel to get some sleep.

In the morning, I went off to join the complimentary yoga class held in the garden next to the ground floor pool, overlooking the sea. It was so calm and serene, and helped me to stretch out after all my travelling!

After yoga, I had a spot of breakfast and then headed up to the 6th floor where the infinity pool was…my gosh was it gorgeous!


I had a quick dip, and then it was time to check out…bye bye E&O and Penang!

Next time, Kuala Lumpur….

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