Kuala Lumpur Part One

Hey guys, I’m in KL! The airport at Penang was a little hectic, there were loads of people everywhere and the instructions were pretty confusing. O joined the bag drop queue, only to be told I needed to go to the self check in kiosk first. I told the lady I’d already checked in online and had my boarding pass, but she said I had to print a luggage tag at the check in kiosk. I think it would make more sense to print the tag at the bag drop kiosk, but apparently Air Asia think otherwise! Eventually I managed to negotiate all the obstacles, get my bag checked in and clear security.

Finally, after a short delay, we were airbound and off to KL! KLIA airport was a complete contrast to Penang, as I arrived there were loads of shops, restaurants, toilets…and then I hopped on the express train into the city, and then onto the LRT (their version of the tube) to get to the station closest to my apartment.

All was going well, until I reached the road my apartment is situated on. It was a big dual carriageway, with a lot of traffic speeding along. As I knew the apartment was on a high floor, I wasn’t worried about noise, but I did have difficulty crossing the road!! I’ve found this to be a common problem in KL, a lot of the roads are wide with many lanes, and there are very limited pedestrian crossing (or even traffic lights that you could judge at really, you just have to see a gap and go!) I’ve been walking around for most of the day, and have only encountered one pedestrian crossing!

But, I did get across the road and met the guy who I’m renting the apartment off (it actually belongs to his girlfriend, who listed it on Airbnb, but she had to work so he met me and showed me it instead)

It’s a very nice studio, with a kitchen/living area, a bathroom with a big open shower and then the bedroom, with a great view.


The view at night



The view in the day!


There’s also a rooftop infinity pool…which I tried out this afternoon!

This is the last one on the trip though…my next place in Bali only has its own private pool, not an infinity pool, such a hardship! img_20161021_173004797

Today I went out to an area called Bangsar, which has a lot of independent shops and cafes, which I had a nice time browsing about. I had lunch in a place called Breakfast Thieves, and picked a dish which had something called vibrant rice listed..


Turns out that vibrant rice means blue rice! It was a very nice dish though, with something called sambal which is a fragrant spiced sauce, it was delicious! It also had fried anchovies, which are apparently a local delicacy. I’d never thought to deep fry an anchovy, but it was lovely!

After Bangsar I went off to the apartment and then out for dinner to a place called Hoppers, which is a recent opening.

They serve things called Appam, which are rice flour and coconut milk sort of pancake bowls…can’t really describe them well! The sides are very crispy and the base is light and fluffy, and they have either a sweet or savoury filling. I went for a chicken satay style.


It was absolutely delicious, and definitely one of the best things I’ve eaten on this trip so far (which is saying something, as all the food has been great!)

I also had a drink called ‘Lemon Jelly’ which was sort of a still lemonade, but it had these little clear balls in it which when you burst one it released an intense hit of lemon flavour, it was so refreshing.

That’s all for now, more soon….

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