Kuala Lumpur Part Two

So part two of my KL adventures consisted mainly of the Petronas Towers and more food!

I started the day by visiting a coffee shop/cafe called VCR, which was pretty close to my apartment. I walked down to the place, and found myself a little table upstairs in their balcony area.

I ordered my self some French toast (it was brunch time after all!) and a cold brew coffee.

This is what arrived..


The French toast came with peanut crumb, an espresso ice cream ball, mocha sauce and a raspberry compote..suffice to say it was lovely!

Having stuffed my face, I went off to see the Petronas Towers. I walked down to Bukit Bintan, which was pretty touristy and busy, with a lot of construction work going on. However, from here at Pavilions Mall you can access the elevated walkway that takes you over to KLCC, where the towers are.

This walkway has no traffic, isn’t too busy, has no constriction work or disrupted pavements, and is even air conditioned!! It is like a little haven. It drops you out at KLCC in the middle of the convention centre. There was a design and housing show on when I was there, which from what I can make out is like a Malaysian version of the Ideal Home Show.

I walked out to the KLCC park, which was lovely. It has a lake, a little fountain/pool area where there were lots of kids frolicking around, and is a calm and serene place after the slight chaos of KL city.

Not only that, but it affords a great view of the Petronas Towers..as shown below..img_20161022_162830798_hdr

After being in the park for a while, I went to check out the Suria Mall, which was nice and big, but the shops were.pretty much the same as you’d get in England. I went back to the apartment after this for a little nap. I then decided to go to the Sky Bar that evening. This is on top of a hotel near the KLCC, and is known for having a great view of the Towers.

I got there, and they were charging a 50RM entry fee (around £10) which got you a drink as you entered. I had read things that said no fee, but apparently these were out of date. The drink choice was limited on entry, and they were not refrigerated, so I ended up with a warm G&T for a tenner.

Ah well, I thought, you are paying mainly for the view right..

Wrong..there are some booths along one wall of windows that have the best views, but these both have to be booked and have a large minimum spend attached to them. I ended up sitting on the other side to the view (for some reason there is a pool in the middle of the bar!) and going over to the good side and taking a photo whilst standing behind someone elses booth.


I wasn’t too impressed with SkyBar, and wouldn’t particularly recommend it.

I made my way back to the apartment and off to sleep. The next day I wasnt feeling too well (I’d been battling a cold for a couple of days, and it really caught up with me) so I mainly stayed around the apartment complex, lazing up by the infinity pool and sunbathing (not too shabby!)

That was the end of my time in KL, next stop Bali….



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